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Growing up in the south didn’t leave me much choice but to fall to in love with old barns, fields, history, antiques and a local way of life. Let me introduce myself, I am Kimberly Provo, the owner and creator behind The Barn Sale Business . Raised in a close-knit family with plenty of love and creativity around, we were free to express ourselves and chase any dreams we had. Mine lead me to a career in graphic design and a family of my own. I have been doing custom design for some time now and still enjoy it, but ultimately my true heart’s desire has become to own and manage a blog/informational website that speaks to creative people from all walks of life.

It is here that my love and passion for supporting local talent, businesses and products really became more obvious. Each person I have met in this industry has a story to tell, a reason why they chose to start out on their own, and a history of their struggles and successes. This all makes us who we are, and the older I get the more I have learned to appreciate the simplicity in a Miranda Lambert song lyric, “It’s only worth as much as the time put in.” It is also here that so many memories and friends are made, and unique treasures found that have made my life what it is today. A life full of unique experiences and places, gaining friends from all over the world, and having a cozy and eclectic place I truly love working at each day.

I have a spirit of determination that leaves me excited to see the chapters of my life unfold. I want to support the passion and dreams behind those who also choose a different path than corporate or big box stores. I truly admire these men and women going against the grain and making their mark in the handmade industry. I believe in them with my whole heart, and desire to do everything to promote and support each maker and business I find.

The Barn Sale Business is a place to collect all that is so dear to my heart: barn sales, creative vendors and their products, craft & indie events, and endless amounts of advice and tips for small business owners. Our mission is to make sure everyone knows about the barn sale culture, getting back to our roots, and a local way of life. Just like a good day junkin’ and pickin’ at one of my favorite local stores, I’m always finding new things and places that inspire me and that I want to share. We are ever growing and quickly becoming the best resource for you, our same kindred spirits where you can come to find your next adventure, vintage or handcrafted item or bit of advice from one dreamer to another.