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How to Host a Barn Sale: Style & Strategy

It’s time for the second post in our blog series, “How to Host a Barn Sale.” if you missed PART ONE of the series, click [HERE].

In this second post, we’re going to chat about figuring out WHO you are in regards to personal style and taste and exactly HOW much it influences the look and feel of your barn sale. We are excited to be featuring a new barn sale host to the blog, January Alexander from Handmade Harvest Vintage Farm Fair located in Bethpage, Tennessee. Also, Tara Martel of SproutzDesign Barn Sale is contributing with us again, she was a great resource for our last post on “How to Host a Barn Sale : Location“. Both of these girls have always been a supporter of  the Barn Sale Business and always willing to help out. Read along to learn some valuable tips and ideas!

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The topics are kind of hand-in-hand: deciding your design style / theme of the event and the strategy behind it all. This will not only brand you as a business but also help attract the right kind of vendors AND shoppers. There are a host of ideas out there for strong design ideas for events. Use Pinterest as a great starting point for design elements and colors that speak to you. Once you know a direction it’s a great idea to hire a reputable graphic designer to create your event poster and social media graphics. Once you have your advertising materials it’s time to hit the ground running and tell everyone you know about your upcoming sale!!


January Alexander of Handmade Harvest Vintage Farm Fair “So I want to host a farm festival, but I’m unsure what to call it….hmm, how do I choose the best name, theme, logo style?” This is what came to my mind when I was conjuring up my idea for what is now my event called Handmade Harvest Vintage Farm Fair. There are 3 parts I feel that are key when choosing your event name.

1) The name itself. Another huge piece to planning a barn sale (or farm event) is deciding what you’ll call it. It must be something fitting, catchy, unique and fun! Try and choose keywords that hit home to you and what you are trying to promote. Think like your target audience and ask yourself does this event sound fun, inviting, full of trendy and unique goods….does the theme look creative and stylish? When I was originally brainstorming, I immediately knew my event wasn’t exactly a barn sale, but had similar components. I wanted to be sure and choose a name that best described what I hoped our event would become. I envisioned a vintage style sale, along with family friendly, old-fashioned fun combining fair style elements and farm flair….hence…Handmade Harvest Vintage Farm Fair was born!

2) The colors. Just like any great party, you always plan a color scheme. Choose colors that speak to you. Choose colors that fit your style. Choose colors that are on trend. Choose colors fitting for the season. If nothing jumps right out at you, find a great piece of art or something beautiful on Pinterest and pull inspiration from that! The combinations are endless! Check out our Pinterest board for tons of color inspiration ideas!

3) The logo design. There are so many great barn sale logos out there! Mixing great colors, fonts, vintage images, banners, stickers, textures, etc! There are so many options, but be careful not to copy your heros! There is plenty of creativity to go around. Keep it original and unique to you! For my HHVFF logo, I knew instantly what I wanted to use….I wanted to make a simple logo, but also use additional detailed art for promotion. I’m a Hatch Showprints lover (using them for my wedding almost 10 years ago) and knew I somehow wanted to incorporate an old show poster into my announcements as well. Luckily, one of my best friends is an amazing graphic designer, so collaborating with her on my collateral was easy. BUT, with all the great design programs in the market now days, designing is much simpler for everyone. Whether you hire a graphic artist or create a great logo yourself, make it represent your vision and as always be inviting to those viewing. The end goal is for viewers to see a clean and clear logo, best describing your event AND imprinting a message in their mind…a memory that says….”Come to my barn sale, it’s going to be so awesome! You’ll find the coolest goods, have tons of fun, eat delicious food, leave grinning, giggling and hoping for more!”.

Check out some of our most favorite logo designs by viewing our PORTFOLIO

Now, get cranking on that LOGO!!! Remember…Great Name, Beautiful Colors, Trendy Style!! Have fun and Happy planning! Until next time….

Tara Martel of SproutzDesign Barn Sale

“For the two sales we have held, we have just called it “SproutzDesign Barn Sale” we may pick more of a theme in the future that relates to the seasons we are holding the sale in but I will always incorporate our business name into the “title”.

We do not do “booths” I have all the vendors bring their merchandise the week before and they are welcome to help set up but i do all of the staging and I like the look of everything being “mixed” together so it all blends and flows.  We are pretty small scale so maps are not necessary in our setting.  We do not charge admission for shoppers and I don’t plan to.  Our first sale included apple cider sales, all proceeds went to a local outreach ministry.  Our second holiday sale we served hot cider and cookies free of charge.  Our entertainment has been limited to music from our favorite pandora station.”

Once again, we hope you have learned something for your own barn sale, feel free to leave a comment with tips you have to share!

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