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How To: Host a Barn Sale Series

Since opening The Barn Sale Business in 2012 the one question I get asked more than any is, “Do you have any tips for hosting my own barn sale?” and although this isn’t a simple question it makes my heart happy to hear someone starting out on their own journey in this industry. I have taken a long while to write this blog series and I hope you follow along each week as I post a new topic. If you’re visiting this post long after it’s published you can click [HERE] to see the list of all the posts in the series!

I want to preface this series too and say I am no expert, I’ve just had my fair share of experience doing barn sales and talking to tons of hosts along the way. I’ve helped with every step of the process and found many tips and tricks that can make or break a sale. But none of this goes without saying it takes hard work and dedication to see a sale through, there is no “magic recipe” for the perfect sale and you never know whats going to happen!

So in our first blog series, appropriately named “How to Host a Barn Sale” we would like to introduce you to 5 seasoned barn sale hosts; Julia, Tara, January, Rachel and Megan. Each incredibly talented in their own way they have willingly provided the Barn Sale Business with some wonderful and super helpful tips. Read along to learn some valuable information and ideas!

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